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RexWall – Cork Core Sandwich

The especially developed sandwich plate is laminated on both sides by a vacuum process with foam-, honeycomb- or cork core from 70 until 130mm thickness. A flame retardant has been added to ensure that the material complies with the European fire safety standards REI 0-60 (R=Resistance, E=Etanchéité, I=Isolation).  The plates can be bonded together to produce a tightly closed seal that is maintained even after decades of continuous building-physical stresses. The plates are the outcome of many years of intensive research conducted by the Deutsche Composite GmbH. A carefully co-ordinated “tempering” process gives the plates a high measure of strength to produce a strong, insulating wall that is resistant to dynamic stresses (low energy manner of construction) with a surface that has the final structure of a facade. The enormous strength is the result of the sandwich construction in conjunction with the tear-resistant glass-fibre fabric. The technically defined dew point, combined with the outstandingly adjusted transverse diffusion of room air, exclude the formation of condensate. The material does not absorb any moisture so that condensation water can not form.

Contrary to conventional building material this high-tech material does not have any weak points that can be infested with parasites and pests, thereby guaranteeing long-term use also in difficult climatic regions. The RexWall® resign is non-toxic, UV resistant and can be produced in different colours. Moreover, it has been proven that this resin is one of the most osmosis-resistant materials. Furthermore, it is endowed with outstanding mechanical properties.

Tests show a loss or a gain of 3°C of unaided in-room temperatures over a 6 hour period.

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SUMMARY: RexWall® plates with Epoxy resin surface set completely new standards in lightweight construction and, in some instances, offer even better characteristic values than steel structures. Our lightweight construction system is a far more cost effective solution in specialised applications and is a future-orientated solution that guarantees an absolute minimum of maintenance.