Award-Winning German Patented Sandwich Technology!

A building concept with the world fastest energy-saving composite construction material, named RexWall®. The company Deutsche Composite GmbH is expanding international corporation in Germany. The company is dedicated to focused on composite architecture, machines designs and build contractor services, granting of IP license, consulting, project management, houseboats, tourism-, disaster proof- constructions and same industry investments.


Deutsche Composite team meets in late August 2016 with its cooperation partner BERU Development Ltd. from HongKong a property developer on the island Hainan and local officials in charge tourism development. Deutsche Composite GmbH develops and manufactures the CabinCube Hotels, a series of prefab and low-budget cubic hotel rooms that can be set up to welcome its first guest in as little as…


DC delivers first special sport boat DC23 to China. The big world market of the future! There is a huge middle class with good income. Unfortunately, the Chinese still lack at water sports culture. There is a little infrastructure, few marinas are only fully developed. That will change in the short term … Dietmar Kleenlof, CEO