Disaster Proof House – Globally Relevant: RexWall material is ideal for use around the world to provide housing and community infrastructure to emerging markets and disaster relief areas. World demand for houses clearly exceeds supply many times over. Among many factors contributing to it are price and inability to build fast enough.

From our emergency relief solutions to our prefabricated homes, we provide a cutting-edge approach that is innovative, versatile and compassionate to the global community who needs it most.

* Pictures source: Teahouse, China 

(Prefabricated house Alpha V)


The construction process with RexWall panels is easier and faster. Light RexWall panels material is shipped easily in ISO containers worldwide. Construction personnel with semi-skilled workforce can be trained by DC on site and, in most cases, no heavy equipment or machinery are needed. Through the utilization of RexWall bond materials, RexWall panels are quickly fused together becoming one single element. This allows for a very fast one floor construction process; for example a 45 sqm home in 2 days. Incredibly short construction times and lower prices that permit affordable housing solutions.

Houses with RexWall materials offers much more than naked walls, it protects for natuare catastrophes as well!

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Serial house manufactuaring: The precisely tailored wall elements will be fitted using a very simple system of cartridges. Two components glue is pressed in prefabricated notches and hardens in less than a few hours. The high strength junctions can take continuous strain. A house with RexWall materials is build up in very short time and directly habitable.

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